1000 WAYS TO DIE (TV-14)
SPIKE TV (2008-2012)

Starring: Ron Pearlman, Khyber Zaffarkhan, Irena Murphy, Joe Irwin, Franklin Ruehl & more.

1000 WAYS TO DIE is a TV show on SPIKE TV that combs the death archives to find out the
most bizarre and unbelievable ways that people have died. They do reenactments of the deaths of
theses people. They do it in a comic book kind of format with lots of blood, guts and comedy mixed
in. There is actually a lot of gore in this, especially for a low budget cable show. Most of the deaths
that have occurred her are from people doing stupid things or making stupid mistakes. They don't
use  the actual people, names or places, but they kind of generalize each of the deaths, so it can't
really be tied back to someone. Each episode was a half hour long, but they would have about 7-10
different deaths in the episode. The narrator of the show is Ron Pearlman (
HELLBOY) and they do
add in some light hearted comical comments and tend to give each death a comical name pertaining to
the way the person died. This was a really interesting show not only for the Horror fan, but for the
plain curious. This show would be like
, because when it's your time to go, it's your time to go, no matter how bizarre or
strange it is!