100 FEET (R)

Starring: Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale, Ed Westwick, Michael Pare, John Fallon & more.

Famke Janssen plays the wife of an abusive husband. After many years of her husband beating her
and no one believing her she stands up for herself and kills him. She is accused of murder and sent to
prison. After some time she is released to her home for house arrest for good behavior. She must
where an ankle bracelet that monitors where she is. She can not go any further than
100 FEET from
the sensor or she will be arrested and sent back to prison. After she settles back into her home she
starts seeing visions of what happened in the house at the hands of her abusive husband. Eventually
the evil spirit of her husband returns and continues to attack her and beat her. The officers who come
to check in on her start to become suspicious of all the bruises she has and thinks she is doing it to
herself. When one of the officers then gets attacked they start to believe her story and uncover the
truth about her dead husband. This was a pretty intense supernatural thriller with a killer evil spirit.
Plus, anything with Famke Janssen in it is always good!