100 TEARS (NC-17)

Starring: Raine Brown, Joe Davison, Georgia Chris, Jack Amos, Jeff Dylan Graham & more.

Two ambitious investigators get a hot tip on a serial killer. They decide to investigate which will help
them climb up the ladder and up their credit in the department. They must infiltrate a group of
carnival folks to find out who the serial killer is. They get deep involved in the case and become the
next victims of the killer. It happens to be a clown from the carnival that is doing all the killing. This
is a low budget Horror flick, but is done really well. The story line is a little typical for a Horror
flick, but the writing, acting and especially the gore and death scenes are done really well. I got to
meet Jack Amos (the clown killer) at a convention and he was really cool and does a great job in the
film. Check this slasher flick out!