Starring: Krissada Terrenco, Achita Wuthinounsurasit, Sarunyn Wongkrachane & more.

A young business man ends up falling in debt & losing his job, when he gets a mysterious phone call.
The person on the other line asks him if he would like to make some money to help himself get out of
debt. He asks what he has to do. They say do what ever they say & he will continue to win more &
more money. The first one is a very simple task, kill a fly that is buzzing around him. The tasks just
keep getting weirder & more elaborate. They make him do 13 different things in order to win the
grand total. They send him all over the city & he must do what they say along the way. There are
some really bizarre twists & disturbing things they make him do. The end reveals who is doing this to
him & why! This was a really cool Thai movie that has a twist ending like the
SAW films!