Starring: Corey Feldman, Jill Whelan, Brian Anthony Wilson, Nikki Bell, Nicole Cinaglia & more.

This film follows six people in rural Pennsylvania who are connected by a super natural force that has
taken the life of one of them. A Halloween haunted house in an old abandoned hotel, which was once
the place of many murders is what brings them all together. The hotel is the where the super natural
force takes over and makes everything seem like it is just part of the haunted house. Soon each one of
them is picked off individually. There is a surrounding narrative story which is told by Corey Feldman
while being investigated in a police station. Corey Feldman may be the biggest name in this film, but
he is the worst part about the film. His part really has no significance to the film other than narrating
what is going on in the film and just about any other actor out there could have done his part and
better. Other than that, the film was pretty decent for a very low budget film filled with a bunch of
unknowns. The coolest part about watching this film was the fact that Nicole Cinaglia was in it. She
used to work with my wife in a hair salon back in Pennsylvania before we moved and she moved to
California. The other cool thing is that she still stays in touch with my wife. Besides all this, I know
she is kind of new to the acting game, but she was actually the best part of the film and the best actor
as well. I can see her being in a lot of lower budget projects for a few years, but I think she will
become a bigger name in the film industry if she keeps going like this. If she keeps doing more low
budget Horror movies I think she will become one of the female Horror icons in about 10 years and
will be like Danielle Harris (
) or Adrienne Barbeau (SWAMP THING, THE FOG, CREEPSHOW) later on in her