976-EVIL 2 (R)

Starring: Debbie James, René Assa, Patrick O'Bryan, Philip McKeon, Leslie Ryan & more.

In this sequel to the first film, the lone survivor of the first film is back and trying to stop a teacher
who is using the "
976-EVIL" phone line to gain demonic powers. The powers he actually gets are
more of a supernatural kind and give him the power of astral projection. The teacher goes on a killing
spree and the lone survivor is trying to stop him. The film doesn't have a hell of a lot of gore or blood
and doesn't have a solid plot line, but it's still a decent Horror flick, done in the style of 80's Horror,
even though this came out in the early 90's. The acting is sub par and some what cheesy, but that's no
surprise for a straight to video sequel that has really nothing to do with the first one, except the name.
I did like a couple of the scenes a lot, the part with "
", was really cool as well as when the tractor trailer comes head on with two
people. This wasn't the best Horror equal out there, but it's still decent for what it is!