Starring: Alexandra Holden, John Burke, Sid Haig, Leslie Easterbrook, Bill Moseley & more.

Rachel is a journalist in New York City, who is attacked by an intruder. Her fiancée tries to stop the
attacker and is murdered in the process. Rachel then decides to return to her hometown to recover in
her parents house. After about six months she gets a job at a local television station. Her first
assignment is to cover the architecture of the mansions in the area. She likes one particular house in
general that belongs to a Dr. Frank Sullivan. She breaks into the house and discovers the murder of
Mrs. Sullivan. She then returns to the house to find a journalist that has also been murdered. She calls
the police and once they investigate she finds out the murders happened years ago. The rest of the
people that were murdered in that house have been revealing their deaths to her. The movie was a bit
weak in story and in the acting, but the concept was decent. The only thing that saved this movie was
the fact it had Horror greats Sid Haig & Bill Mosley from
THE DEVIL'S REJECTS in it. This was
the best part of the film!