Starring: Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead & more.

I went into this movie with not much hope, because I am not a huge Vampire fan, but came out loving
the film. I liked the concept of Vampires being around for so many years and that they played a part
in American history. I am a huge history buff and loved all the tie ins the story had with Abraham
Lincoln and American history in general. The story goes back to Abraham Lincoln as a child and what
the Vampires did to his mother and father to set him on the path of becoming a Vampire hunter. As
Abraham grows into a young adult he comes across a man who trains him to kill Vampires in the
proper way. He goes out at night and slays the Vampires this man sends him to. Slowly his secret
comes out to his closest friends and they too enlist to help rid the world of Vampires. As Abe
becomes president he puts away his axe and stops hunting Vampires. Soon the Civil War starts and
he realizes the Vampires are playing a big part in it and he builds an army to hunt them down. I know
the story seems a little far fetched, but it was done so well that you can believe this is what really
happened. They inter weaved so many real facts from history with the Vampires that you start to
believe. The story was well written with great actors, action, gore and special effects. There were also
a lot of new things thrown in about Vampires that I had not seen before in other Vampire films. I
would have to say this film and the original
30 DAYS OF NIGHT are my two favorite Vampire
films. This is highly recommended even if your not a big fan of Vampires.