THE ASYLUM   (2012)

Starring: Bill Oberst Jr., Jason Vail, Richard Schenkman, Chris Hlozek, David Alexander & more.

This film came out around the same time as the big blockbuster
, but this film went straight to video. If this film had a bigger budget then it could have gone
to theaters and also been a big blockbuster film too. I actually like this film a lot. It follows the
president as he tries to get his people to survive a Zombie apocalypse. He must save the Union from
an attacking horde of Confederate Zombies. The President and his men try to make it to a fort to hold
up against the Zombie attack and along the way try to save as many people as they can while also
killing as many Zombies as they can. For such a low budget on this film I think this is one of the better
B movie Horror films out there as well as a Zombie flick. I have seen many low budget Horror films
and many Zombie films (as they are my favorites) and this is one of my top favorites. I liked how at
times it felt like an action film, at others it felt more like a Horror film. They do add in some good one
liners at times too. The special effects are pretty decent as well as the sets and the make up effects on
the Zombies. The really cool part is how they twist some of the historical facts to fit in with the
Zombie tie ins. I also dug how they brought some other famous people from history into the story. It
was cool trying to find all the famous stuff from history in the film. I am a huge fan of the Zombie
genre and will watch anything with Zombies and this is by far one of my favorites. If you want a fun,
not so serious Zombie flick with some decent gore, Zombies and a good performance from some
unknown actors then you must check out this cool Zombie film!