"EROTICA 69"   

ABSENTH is a killer Metal band that formed Russia back in 2001. These guys have gone
through some changes over the years since they were born. They started out as more of a
melodic Death / Doom Metal band and then eventually morphed into a Gothic / Industrial
Metal band. I personally have liked the direction they have gone in over they years better
than where they started. They have a very mechanical and some what cold Industrial Metal
feel, that is a bit dark and melodic at times, which where the Gothic Metal elements would
come into play. They have a lot of hyper styled energy that is pouring out of them. I love
music like this and it's a great change from a lot of the Death metal I usually listen to. The
combination of Cyber and Technical type Industrial meshes well with the Metal fusion
they have created. The vocal styling takes on a life of it's own by mixing mechanical type
Industrial vocals with lower ended Death Metal screams / growls as well as some melodic
Gothic clean vocals. I was getting very tense and hyper listening to this amazing album
over and over again. I couldn't even imagine how intense and theatrical one of their shows
would be. I would love to see them live, but unless they make it to the U.S. or I could fulfill
one of my dreams of visiting Russia, I may never get to see them live. After one listen there
is know wonder why this band is very popular in Russia. One hell of a great album from
start to finish. This is a must for fans of
can sit proudly
next to any of these bands and hold their own. This band needs to break out into the rest of
the world like
RAMMSTEIN and I believe they could achieve the same success!!! I Loved
this album!!! Get this, get this, get this!!!