Starring: Oto Brezina, Joe Coleman, Bob Dunsworth, Harvey Fisher, Derek Gaspar & more.

This is a very cool Documentary / Drama film that tells the sick twisted tale of serial killer Albert Fish.
It takes place during the depression in New York where a lonely old man named Albert Fish would
lure children into his home and have his way with them and then brutally kill them. John Borowski is
the film maker who tells the true tale of this sadomasochistic cannibal and the horrific things he has
done. There are interviews with outsider artist Joe Coleman and true crime authors and many others.
The documentary also show evidence and photos of many of the victims and the crime scenes. This
was a very dark and chilling documentary of one of New York's famous serial killers. Even if your not
a fan of serial killers you will still find this a very interesting documentary.