Starring: Mary Kohnert, Bo Svenson, Victoria Zinny, Savina Gersak, Sarah Conway Ciminera & more.

AMOK TRAIN is actually know under it's original name of BEYOND THE DOOR III. The name
was changed when the film was brought to the United States. A class takes a field trip to Yugoslavia
and find themselves in a world they didn't expect. They are drawn into a world of black magic and
satanism. One girl soon finds out that she was brought their to be the bride of Satan. Yep, the bride of
Satan. The film is mostly spoken in another language and is poorly acted and the story was barely
there. The movie was total '80's low budget trash and is mostly good to watch for something to laugh
at. I don't think this film would have been even that good compared to a lot of '80's low budget Horror
flicks. There is a little bit of gore and nudity through out, but that's about it. The whole thing takes
place on a train as could be expected until the fated train wreck, which is very funny to watch. The
movie has nothing to do with the other
BEYOND THE DOOR movies, they just used the same name
to capitalized off the popularity of the first two films. If you like really, really bad low budget '80's
Horror films that are really, really bad then your gonna love this film. If you a fan of the block buster
Hollywood Horror then stay clear of this film!