Starring: Keir O'Donell, Kathryn Winnick, Laura Breckenridge, Jessica Lucas & more.

Tabitha, played by Kathryn Winnick, is being interrogated by police about a serial killer when she tries
recount the events. She explains to them that her and two of her friends are being hunted down by a
serial killer. The film takes off on a turn right from the beginning by telling three different stories,
which are one from each of the girls. They eventually do tie together, but not very well. The girls
recount the events of how the serial killer has been chasing them. They go into some detail through the
events as we see them play out. This was a pretty decent low budget Horror film, but from the cover
doesn't turn out the way you would think. There is a killer clown, which you would think to be the
serial killer, but he's not. He does turn up in one part, but that's about it. This was cool as far as slasher
films go, but there are way better out there and far more worst. The story was pretty decent, with good
actors, cool sets and a decent amount of suspense. If your looking for lots of gore and special effects,
you won't find it here, but it's still a pretty "killer" film to watch! Check it out when you looking for a
low budget, fun, enjoyable slasher film to watch!