Starring: Marc Blucas, Naveen Andrews, Nicki Aycox, Eva Amurri Martino, Andy Comeau & more.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this film. It could fall any where from a bad movie to a good movie.
It falls right in the middle. It's not the worst Horror movie, but not the best either. It was more of an
erotic thriller than a Horror film. Syd Jarret sleeps with Nora, a sexy stranger who is passing through
town. Afterwards he starts going through a supernatural change. He then butts head with her ex-lover
and then the violence starts. There is a ton of sex in the film, some pretty intense and some kind of
pointless to the story. The film plays off almost like a low budget Vampire / Werewolf type film, but
doesn't delve too much into it. The movie was definitely slow in the first half of the film, other than the
sex scenes. Towards the end of the film is where you get a little gore. The film was decent enough for
one viewing, but nothing to watch over again.