Starring William Defoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg & Storm Acheche Sahlstrom.

A grieving married couple retreat to a cabin in the woods after the death of their child. They go there
hoping to mend their emotional wounds and repair their marriage. William Defoe is a therapist who
tries to analyze everything that is going on instead of dealing with the problems at hand. The couples
problems multiply as time goes on and strange things begin to happen. This film is done in a very
artistic way with a lot of symbolism and subliminal messages all through out. You take an exhausted
walk through both of their minds as the psychological Horrors unfold. There isn't a lot of gore, but
there are some really strong sexual scenes & a lot of disturbing images, especially once you see what
the couple ends up doing to each other. Not a typical Horror film, but definitely one that many
Horror fans will enjoy!