Starring: Suzanne Somers, Robert Foxworth, Myrna Loy, Lynda Day George & more.

A small time business man is looking to make some big cash, so he buys an old hotel that he is
going to redo & turn it into a casino resort. There is a construction crew on the grounds digging up
the earth for the renovations. When one of the men gets trapped in one of the ditches, everyone goes
in a panic. They finally pull him free, but it's too late. He was attacked by deadly ants. Soon the
whole area becomes infested by these deadly ants & many more people become swarmed & killed
by these ants. The film was a bit cheesy, with poor story & acting, but it was originally made for
TV in the 70's. Nothing special, just your typical insect attacking the human race for revenge type
film! There's been better, but there has also been much worst!!!