"THE INVOCATION" is the debut full length release from Germany's ATTIC. ATTIC is
yet another great band from Germany that I have recently reviewed. These guys are a little
different than most of the stuff I have reviewed from Germany though. I have been getting a
lot of Thrash Metal & Death Metal, but
ATTIC is an amazingly great Power / Heavy Metal
band. The first band that kept coming to mind over and over again was
This is mostly because of vocalist Meister Cagliostro. His vocals are done in a similar style
to the great Rob Halford & also reminded me of my friend Scott Soley's old band
(Look them up on
METAL ARCHIVES). The vocals are done in a melodic mid ranged
clean vocal style with some higher more operatic vocals. You would almost swear it was
Rob himself singing in the band. The music on the other hand is a bit more orchestrated than
JUDAS PRIEST was, but they still have those intense great guitar riffs and extraordinary
drumming. These guys add in a bit more atmospheric sounding parts too. I grew up listening
JUDAS PRIEST, so I really dug these guys a lot. There is a cleaner and more well
thought out song structures here as well.
ATTIC is a good name for them, because they
would sit a top the new wave of great Power / Heavy Metal bands coming out within the
last five or so years. I could see these becoming huge in the Metal scene if they continue
with top quality releases like "THE INVOCATION".