Starring: Michael Bowen, Robert Patrick, Jessica Lowndes, Ashley Schneider, Ross Kohn & more.

Emily and her friends are on a cross country road trip. While driving through Louisiana they get into a
car accident. An ambulance arrives and takes Emily to a nearby hospital. The friends follow them to the
hospital. Once they arrive there they notice that the hospital seems to be abandoned. They keep asking
the nurse at the front questions and keep getting no information in return. One of the friends realizes he
has glass from the accident lodged in his stomach and needs to get it removed. They take him to have it
removed, or so his friends think. Each one of the friends keeps getting taken back one by one and they
think they are going to be seeing their friends. Little do they know, they will never see anyone again.
They are taken by some sadistic nurses and doctors and brutally dismembered in different surgical
ways. I wasn't sure how this movie was gonna be, but it turned out to be a lot better than expected. If
you can handle a lot of gruesome gory torture stuff then you'll be able to handle this. This film was
almost like
HOSTEL, but set in a hospital. Tons of great inventive death scenes, lots of gore with
decent script, acting and filming. There are so many bad Horror movies out there that get so much
money, exposure & attention, when little low budget films like
AUTOPSY deserve it much more.
Check out this cool low budget film that will most likely become a cult favorite.