Starring: Gary Kohn, Lindsey Morris, Nate Witty, Michael Robert Nyman, Paul Dion Monte & more.

AWAKEN THE DEAD is a low budget Zombie flick. The film follows reformed murderer who has
turned to being a priest and sworn off all violence and a ex-prostitute. Their two worlds collide when
an experiment gone wrong creates a virus that turns everyone outside into the living dead. The two end
up meeting together and team up to fight for their lives and kill off a bunch of undead that keep
scrambling their way to eat them. They both have an mysterious envelope that has a mysterious riddle
in that leads them to a safe haven. This is a very low budget film with a some campy acting and
cheesy dialogue, but that's kind of expected for a low grade Zombie flick. The Zombies were w bit
cheesy too, but who cares, it's a Zombie flick. I could have used more gore for my tastes. The more
gore the better. I would rather have a cheesy story line and more gore, but this film was a bit cheap on
every level. If your a die hard Zombie fan you'll dig this film, but a run of the mill Horror fan will
want to look some where else.