Starring: Sophia Dawnay, Lisa Devlin, Jonathan Sidgwick, Tina Barnes, Daniel Jordan & more.

Four women wake up in an underground prison cell not knowing how they got there and having no
memory of much else. The women try to figure out who they are and why they are being held
captive. They soon discover that they each have numbers carved on their bodies and then soon realize
that this is the time they are scheduled to die. They find out that one of the people keeping them
there is a sadistic surgeon who is doing experiments on them. If they can figure out why they are
there they may be able to figure a way to escape. The movie was a little slow building up and doesn't
give you much information to what is going on. It makes you feel as if you were locked in the room
with them. I know this was a low budget Horror flick, that kind of mixes in some Sci-Fi as well, but if
you go in with an open mind then you might actually dig this film. The ending was a bit strange, but I
still liked it. I thought the ladies in the cell did a good job with portraying what they were going
through. If you like movies like
HOSTEL, CAPTIVITY & STORAGE then you might dig it.
Check it out!!!