"ARMED WITH RAGE" is the first full length album from Denmark's BATTERY. The
band has put out three demos and an EP since they formed in 2008.
BATTERY plays a
very cool style of old school Thrash Metal music. They take their sound back to the late
'80's of the original Thrash movement. They may be from Denmark, but they play in the
style of the Bay Area Thrash Metal sound which we all know gave birth to bands like
After one listen, you would have sworn you were back in that decade listening to one of
the greats being born.
BATTERY could have stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the
above greats if they would have come out at that time. The music has such a fast paced
and crunchy guitar sound it make me want to jump in a circle pit. The catchy grooved out
sound sucks you in and really does make you want to Thrash it up!. The vocal style is
done in a mid ranged slightly thick Thrash Metal style that reminded me a little of
TESTAMENT mixed with EXODUS mixed with MOTORHEAD and every once in
awhile some
OVERKILL. I have stated before that I grew up on Thrash Metal and love it
more than any other style of music. Every time I find another new Thrash Metal band
that compares to the greats I grew up on my day gets better and better. Well,
has just made my day, because these guys are another new Thrash Metal band that is
quickly becoming one of my new favorites.
BATTERY is by far one of the best bands
playing the New Wave Of Thrash Metal music. Every Thrash fan should check these
guys out because they are simply amazing!!! Thrash til Death!!!