Starring: Claudine Auger, Chris Avram, Laura Betti, Isa Miranda, Luigi Pistilli & more.

BAY OF BLOOD is an Italian Horror film from famed director Mario Bava. This film is called the
"granddaddy of slasher films", which has lead to a slew of other Slasher flicks to come. A man murders
his heiress wife and her family sets out to narrow the number of inheritors by going on a killing spree.
Later on a bunch of kids take over an abandoned house that is on the property and the body count just
keeps pilling up. This isn't really a scary film, but more of just a set up to kill off a lot of victims. The
film does end up with a body count of 13, which supposedly is what led to the inspiration of the
FRIDAY THE 13TH film series. The film is more of a who dun it, then and all out Slasher flick. The
characters are a little thin and most of them you can't wait to see get killed off. If your a fan of  70's
Italian Horror films, then your gonna love this flick, but if you are a fan of only modern Horror then
your gonna want to watch something else.
BAY OF THE BLOOD is the American edited version of
the film, but
TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE is the uncut version, so seek this one out instead!