AREA 23A (2009)

Starring: Micheal Stephenson, Darren Ewing, Jason Steadman, Jason Wright, George Hardy & more.

In 1989
TROLL 2 was produced and has since been called the "Worst Movie Ever"! After over 20
years since the film was released it has built a cult following and has become one of those movies that
people now love. Being a huge Horror fan myself and loving cheesy low budget Horror films I too
have come to love this film. Well,
BEST WORST MOVIE is a documentary on how someone sets
out to make the worst movie ever. The documentary talks to just about everyone involved in the
making of the film. The film talks with some of the main actors of
TROLL 2 especially the father
George Hardy. It showcases their lives back then and what they are doing currently. Some of the
documentary is very funny and some of it is very sad, especially seeing where some of these people
have ended up. The film also talks with the director of the film and how he wanted nothing to do with
it for years. They follow some of the fans of the movie and show their love for the film. They even
shows how
TROLL 2 is being played at film festivals and the stars even show up to do Q&As
afterwards. I love when cheesy movies like this build bigger and bigger followings as the years go on.
Even if you haven't seen
TROLL 2 you can still get a good taste of the movie and appreciate these
actors in the documentary.