WELL GO (2007)

Starring: Cindel Chartrand, Danielle Doetsch, William Jarand, Suzi Lorraine & more.

A bunch of bikini clad college girls are on their way to a fund raiser for their school. They are going to
have a bikini car wash to raise the money. Along the way they are driving down some back woods road
when their bus breaks down. They pull the bus over to a parking lot of an abandoned and boarded up
gas station. They search the perimeters to see if anyone is around or if they can find anything to fix the
bus. The girls are annoyed, but start messing around and hanging out in their bathing suits. A few cars
drive by, but no one stops to help out. Then one crazy old guy from the nearby town stops and warns
them of a sadistic killer that is know to lurk around the area. He warns them to get the bus fixed and get
back on the road as soon as possible. Eventually all the girls start roaming around and exploring the
property. They start getting killed off one by one some in decent ways, but most in stupid ways. This
is a typical low budget hack n slash killer on the loose film. It has a lot of the typical cliché Horror flick
scenes, but they are done very poorly. The girls were horrible actors, the storyline was bad and
everyone couldn't get killed fast enough. If you like low budget Horror flicks you may enjoy this film,
but if your a mainstream Horror fan then you will hate this film.