Starring: Robert Englund, Sebastien Roberts, Sarah Allen, Jayne Heitmeyer, Sheena Larkin & more.

BLACK SWARM is an Animal or Insect attack film about a bunch of killer wasps. A woman leaves
her husband and moves to the small town of Black Stone where soon after the town gets over run by
killer wasps. Once the lady and her daughter get settled in she soon runs into her ex-husbands twin
brother? I know, kind of odd and strange. He starts up a relationship with her and shows her around
the town. When they go to the local store the daughter runs into strange man played by the great
Robert Englund. Robert is what really saves this movie, especially if your a fan of his work. He
plays the typical old man that knows everything going on in the town, but everyone thinks he just
crazy. Anyway, he knows of these killer wasps that are soon going to take over the town. No one
believes him and then the town soon gets over run. The wasps infect the people of the town and lay
eggs inside their bodies. They turn the people infected into Zombie like beings that attack people and
then let the swarm of wasps out to attack people. The few remaining people including Robert
Englund now need to find a way to escape. The film wasn't that bad and reminded me of a made for
the SyFy channel type movie. The special effects were low budget, but not that cheesy, so was the
acting in the film. Like I said above, Robert Englund save this film and it was cool to see him playing
a role as himself and not as a character.