Starring: Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda, Ben Oxenbould, Fiona Press & more.

This film is based off of true events and is a story about man versus beast. The story follows three
vacationers on a small boat trip in Northern Australia's mangrove swamps. As they travel deeper
into the swamps they encounter some ferocious crocodiles. The crocodiles start to attack the boat
and the guide is knocked into the water. He is eaten alive and then the boat gets over turn. The three
vacationers must now swim for their lives. They do what they can to stay alive, by climbing in
trees, but they need to get the boat right side up and get out of there. Not everyone makes it out
alive. This was a highly intense film and made you feel as if you were trapped right there with them.
One of the best wild animal Horrors I've seen, probably cause it's a true story