Starring: Gordon Currie, Louis Ferreria, Helene Clarkson, Fiona Reid, Frank Moore & more.

Gordon Currie plays Boya a Vampire who awakens in 1994 after a 25 year sleep. He returns to his
grave to retrieve what ever belongings of his he can find. He holds up in a run down hotel next to a
donut shop. He does not feed on human blood anymore. Instead he feeds on rats and pigeons and any
other small rodents he can find. He befriends a taxi driver after an incident in the donut shop. He also
starts to fall in love with the waitress who works in the donut shop. Everything seems to be going well
for him until his ex-girlfriend shows up. She is after him and pissed that he did not turn her into a
Vampire and give her immortality. She is out to kill him and anyone that he is close to. This was a very
low budget Horror film that had some comedy thrown in. This almost reminded me of the Beauty &
The Beast story, but done with Vampires. I am not a big Vampire fan to begin with and this was
definitely not one of my favorites, but I think fans of the new Vampire type films like
will enjoy this film.