Starring: Gloria Grahame, Melody Patterson, Milton Selzer, Len Lesser, Vic Tayback & more.

A prostitute and her pimp are slaughtered by a sadistic killer while they were in bed together. The
daughter of the prostitute witnesses the whole thing without the killer knowing. The daughter is sent
to an orphanage to live. The orphanage is run by a woman named Mrs. Deere and her handyman
named Tom Kredge, who is plaid by Len Lesser, who played Uncle Leo on the TV show
There is a detective who has taking an interest in her background named Calvin, who is played by Vic
Tayback who played Mel on the old TV show
ALICE. The girl soon finds out that Mrs. Deere and
her handyman are sadist who run their orphanage like a concentration camp. She soon finds a lot of
people from the orphanage missing and soon discovers why. The detective is who she confides in and
tells what she has been suspecting going on at the orphanage. The detective gets heavily involved in
the case and soon finds himself in a lot of danger. This was a slow movie film from the '70's and
reminded me of a detective murder mystery type film rather than a Horror flick. It kind of had a feel of
a lot of stuff that was coming out of Italy at this time.