Starring: Dax Miller, Kate Fischer, Duncan Regehr, Matthew Borlenghi, Joel West & more.

A group of surfers and film maker head down to Australia for some surfing. They plan on filming
themselves doing the latest extreme sport called Blood Surfing. This is where they fill the shark
infested waters with bloody chum to add an extra thrill to the surfing experience. The trip starts out
like any typical surfing trip. The guys test the waves for a couple of regular runs. They feel it out
for the sharks and then dump in the chum to get the sharks amped up. What they didn't expect was
another large creature to come into the picture. Now the sharks aren't as big as a threat as they
thought. This film was OK as far as a wild creature Horror film goes, but the acting was horrible
and you couldn't wait for them all to die. The creature effects were a little weak as well, but it was
meant more to be just a fun viewing.