Starring: Alexis Texas, Janice Marie, Adam Danoff, Robert Heath, Catherine White & more.

A military facility is creating bio-chemical weapons for the government and one experiment goes
wrong. One of the chemicals they create gets exposed and turns the people working in the facility into
blood lusting killers. The chemical turns the people into Zombie like creatures and they go on a killing
spree. Some of the people find out unexpectedly and too late as they get attacked and turned also.
Once the information gets leaked out the other employees ban together to try and survive. They take
coverage in the facility and try to find what ever they can to use as weapons. This film was done on a
very low budget and looks as it was shot on video. It reminded me of a college film school project.
The story was pretty basic and nothing that hasn't been done before. The acting was a little over the
top and a bit too dramatic and reminded me of a soap opera at times. The only real upside to this flick
was the blood and the boobs. I am a huge Zombie fan and will watch anything with Zombies. If your a
die hard Zombie fan then you might want to give this a viewing, but for the casual Horror fan, they
might want to pass.