Starring: Brian Presley, Rider Strong, Jake Muxworthy, Beto Cuevas, Martha Higareda & more.

Three college buddies set out for a fun weekend getaway south of the border. They want to go
party, chase women, get drunk & do drugs. They try to find someone that can hook them up. They
run into these guys who take them out to party & get messed up. One of the buddies wanders off &
then gets taken by a car load of guys. They hold him captive & torture him, then prepare him for a
Satanic sacrifice. His friends go to the police, but they do nothing about it. The guys go looking for
him themselves & try to rescue him. There are some really messed up things going on in this film,
but the most disturbing is the fact that this is all based on a true story. There is a documentary on
the disc with the real events, which is kind of creepy!