Starring: Joshua Benton, Sarah Grant Brendecke, David Crane, Andy Forrest, Greg Lewolt & more.

BRAIN DEAD is a low budget Horror film from director Kevin Tenney who also directed the great
NIGHT OF THE DEMONS. So if you have seen that film, then you kind of know what your in for.
In this film a small crater crash lands near a small port town and releases a parasitic slime. The slime
soon comes in contact with some of the town folks and turns them into flesh eating Zombies. Six
strangers are held up in an abandoned fishing lodge, try to stay alive and away from the Zombies
attacking from outside. The movie is very low budget, but the film is done with a lot of strength and
energy that some big budget films lack. There were some cool Zombie make up effects and there is a
lot of blood and gore. Some of the characters are typical to the Horror genre, but who cares, because
they fit a long with the story. There isn't that in depth of a story, but you don't need that, just a lot
fun, gore, blood, violence, sex and action, you know, all the good stuff. If you a Zombie lover, like
myself, then you will definitely want to check this film out. A some what different take on the
Zombie theme!