Starring: Ailsa Marshall, Michael McLafferty, David Higlen, Brad Culver, Kim Estes & more.

Tonya wakes up to find herself in an unfamiliar room with thirteen strangers. Each of the people are
held hostage by electric collars and they fear what that means. Each of them is slated to die as the
clock ticks down. As time gets closer and closer to expiring they all go against each other. They start
dieing off one by one and everyone tries to figure out who the killer is. There is a little twist at the
end of the film, but not a big surprise. This film really makes you feel tense and one edge as if you
were in the room with them. This is more of an intense psychological thriller than an all out Horror
flick. If you were to blend together elements of the films
SAW, THE CUBE & the Japanese film
BATTLE ROYAL you would get a good idea of what this film is like.