Starring: Victoria Pratt, Jason Connery, Ken Foree, Sid Haig, William Snow & more.

Sid Haig & Ken Foree team up again for another Horror classic. This is no where as good as Rob
DEVIL'S REJECTS, but it's a decent low budget film. This time around they are vampires
set out to destroy some other vampires. They are searching for their friend who has been taking
captive by a rogue group of vampires. She is actually a vampire hunter, but has been taking hostage.
They are slowly going to turn her to make her their queen. This was a bit of a cheesy film, but it was
really cool seeing two Horror greats reunited in another film. There is some gore and cool death
scenes but that's about it. Check out, but don't expect anything great, it's still a fun watch.