Starring: Timothy Woodward Jr., Nikki Beall, Cory Broadwater, Doug Chancey & more.

A group of high school seniors want to do something fun before they all head of to college and go the
separate ways. They decide to through one big party on a secluded island. They pack all the stuff they
think they will need, but what they soon find out is not enough. They arrive on the island and get
started with all the fun and partying right away. There is lots of drinking and sex and everyone is having
a great time. Until, someone starts killing off all the teens. Know one knows who it is or why they are
being killed off. The majority of the teens are very annoying and you kind of are glad when they get
killed. This story was a bit weak and it seemed like they were trying to make a teen slasher movie, but
couldn't quite pull it off. The actors playing the teens look too old to be in high school. They were also
over acting way too much. It takes way too long to get into the killings and when they finally do, the
death scenes were really cheesy. This film seemed a lot better from the cover and the movie title than it
actually was. This was a very low budget film that seemed like a bunch of friends got together one
weekend and decided to make a film. This flick is one that I would pass up on for all Horror fans that
want a good story and lots of gore.