Starring: Donkey Punch Disco, Secret Mango, Amos Phillips, Giulia Ferrari, Evonne Fletcher & more.

This film was absolutely nothing like I expected. It made me think it was going to be a Slasher in
suburbia somewhere who is killing people and eating them. The film is done in a few short films
combined together to somehow make up one film. There are two host, if you can call them that, kind
of do commentary for each different story. One was covered in black & white face paint that was
supposed to be a clown, but almost looked like when people used to paint their faces in black paint to
"look" like African Americans, and the other guy is naked with a bag over his head. Anyway, the
stories were really boring and didn't seem to make much sense. If you add in the bad acting and even
worst story line, you get a really low budget horrible "Horror" movie. It seemed like they were trying
to make a kind of
HOSTEL type snuff film in most of it. I watched the whole thing, but really didn't
get much out of it in the end and this will be one that gets forgotten very quickly. There are a few
people out there that will enjoy this, but in my opinion, there are much better low budget films to
enjoy out there and spend your time watching. You have been warned so view at your own risk!