TRIMARK (1998)

Starring: Bobbie Phillips, Shawnee Smith, Larry Miller, Paul Johansson, Cleavant Derricks & more.

This is a remake of the 1962 classic film done by Horror legend Wes Craven. This remake is slightly
different from the original, but still has the same basic concept. A child named Alex witnesses his
mother get raped and murdered by a circus clown named Louis Seagram. The clown eventually gets
put behind bars for the horrific crime he committed. Even though it's years later and the man is still
behind bars, Alex continues to have terrible nightmares about the clown the crimes he witnessed. The
nightmares get more intense and twisted and the lines between nightmare and reality become blurred.
Has Seagram returned and out for the kill and is Alex looking to get revenge. This film is pretty decent
and has a feel of a an 80's type Horror film, plus it stars genre favorite Shawnee Smith who later stared
in the SAW films.