Starring: Tamie Sheffield, Charity Rahmer, Erin Byron, Lenny Juliano, Samantha Phillips & more.

I thought this might be a some what decent horror movie, but I was wrong. This film starts off with
this group of friends at a college, where some of the girls are cheerleaders. They are just finishing up
practice & getting ready to go on a trip to some cabin in the woods. They arrive at the cabin &
everything seems to be fine. They all start unwinding & having a good time drinking & hanging out.
Once they begin to split off with each other, bad things happen. The friends start getting killed off &
no one knows who's doing it. Every time you think you know who it is, they get killed. There was a
lot of poor acting & the story was very bad too. If they didn't show the first scene you couldn't even
have the title of the film. There was no gore & very little blood. The only thing that was good was a
few nude scenes & they weren't even that good!!!