Starring: Jesse McCartney, Jonathan Sadowski, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Dimitri Diatchenko & more.

A group of Americans head to the Ukraine to visit the one guys brother who lives in Kiev. Once there
Chris tells his brother that he wants to go to Moscow and propose to his girlfriend. His brother then
convinces them to go on an extreme tourism vacation. He suggest they head out to Chernobyl. They
take and underground tour guide to travel there. The guide explains to them that they can only go as
far as the city of Pripyat because of the high levels of radiation. They travel by van and end up
picking up two more travelers to join them. They come across a military barricade that keeps them
from entering, but the guide finds an alternate route through the woods. Once they arrive at the town
they get out and start exploring the city. They go into a bunch of buildings and walk around the city
taking pictures. The one girl thinks she as seen something in one of the pictures she has taken. As the
day goes on and night is about to fall they head back to the van. The van won't start and they realize
that wires have been chewed up in the engine. They soon realize they are not alone. They are being
terrorized by something outside the van. They decide to go try and find help and now must fight to
stay alive. The are being hunted down by mutated humans that were left over from the Chernobyl
disaster that happened in 1986. This was actually a very good film that didn't get a lot of the
deserved attention when it came out. The story line was pretty decent, the characters were believable
and the film was shot very well. I thought even the storyline of the mutated humans were believable
too and could have actually been real. They start hunting the other humans for food. There was really
cool make up, great camera shots, and some really creepy and intense scenes. This was definitely one
of my favorite films from 2012 and probably one of my favorite of the whole 2000's. I have been
very disappointed by a lot of the more modern stuff that comes out, especially in Horror, so even
though you could expect what was coming this was done so well that it didn't matter. If you have not
seen this gem of a film give it a chance. I feel this film will build up a cult following in a few years!