Starring: J.J. Banicki, Diane Peterson, Kai Caster, Kelen Coleman, Tim Rock & more.

Tim and Allie are a young couple who are driving home down a deserted back rode. Their car
mysteriously breaks down and they are stranded. They look over their car and can't figure out how to
fix it. They walk down the road to try and find some shelter. They come upon a small farm house and
decide to go to it and see if they have a phone so they call for some help. The owner, Drago, who
happens to be a preacher, allows them inside with strict orders for them to be gone in the morning.
They are ordered to not wander around the house where they are not allowed. The preacher and his
mail order bride seem a little creepy and suspicious with the way they act and talk. There are faint
screams that are coming from one of their out buildings and they don't seem to really pay any attention
to them. Allie eventually becomes curious and sneaks off to investigate. She soon comes to find that
they have stumbled upon a strange cult that worships an entity that may or may not be inside this
haunted little boy. This addition to the CHILDREN OF THE CORN franchise takes a different turn
than previous films. It is dark and creepy like most of the others, but takes a little while to connect it to
the previous films. I did like the darker more strange feel this film had though. It was not a straight up
Horror flick, but had a lot of suspense and made you on edge for what would happen next. I am not a
huge fan of this franchise, but thought this was one of the better films in the series!