Starring: Andrew Robinson, Peter Haskell, Brad Dourif, Perry Reeves, Justin Whalin & more.

Chucky is back in
CHILD'S PLAY 3. When Play Pals decide to put the Good Guys Dolls back on the
market it resurrects the spirit of Chucky again. Brad Dourif once again voices Chucky again and he
rises up to seek revenge on Andy. He is the boy who killed him eight years ago. Andy is all grown up
and is attending a Military school. Chucky tries to get close enough to kill Andy but it seems to be
harder than he thought. He finds an easier way by finding friendship in a young trusting cadet. Once he
is in, he starts killing off as many people as he can to get to Andy. This was my least favorite of all the
CHILD'S PLAY & CHUCKY films. It was a little bit annoying at times and a bit too comical when it
was supposed to be scary or gory. There were a few cool death scenes though. If you're a fan of the
series than you'll dig it!