Starring: Adam Rifkin, Sarah Mutch, Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Tania Raymonde & more.

CHILLERAMA is an anthology type tongue in cheek Horror flick. It revolves around a drive in
movie theater that is closing down. On the last night the owner Cecil B. Kaufman (named after Lloyd
Kaufman of
TROMA FILMS), decides to show a bunch of low budget forgotten flicks. The whole
time these films are being played the drive in theater gets over run by Zombies. One story is about a
giant killer sperm that ravages and destroys the city. The next story is about a bunch of surfer & biker
gangs that are turned on by other men. When they get turned on they turn into a bunch of gay
Werewolfs. In the last flick, which was my favorite, called "Diary Of Ann Frankenstein", a bunch of
Nazi's try to create their own monster to help take over the world. All the stories have a lot of gore,
guts & humor all mixed in. This was like a throw back Grindhouse flick from the
50's or 60's but made by the
TROMA FILMS crew! This means I loved this film!