COMA is a Thrash Metal band that started back in 2002 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. These
guys play a combined style of old school mixed with more modern Thrash Metal sounds. I
can hear a lot of influences from beth eras of Thrash Metal. The guitar work is what really
drives the band sound in the form of the old school style with the drums pushing them in a
more modern Thrash style. The crunchy grooved out guitars remind me a lot of the way
Scott Ian of
ANTHRAX plays with some touches of older EXODUS & older
VIO-LENCE along with some older DESTRUCTION material. Where the drums have
more modern
TESTAMENT & Charlie Benante from ANTHRAX vibe. I am a huge
Thrash Metal fan and this style is what solidified me as a die hard Metal fan so I love
bands like
COMA. The vocals that Antonio Sanna belts out mix the old with the new as
well. He does some mid ranged Thrash with some higher pitch Thrash screams along with
some lower groggy Thrash vocals. They vocals are a cross between Bobby Blitz of
OVERKILL, with some KREATOR & MUNICIPAL WASTE mixed in and some
touches of
TOXIC HOLOCAUST & HAVOK thrown in. These guys are extremely good
and truly amazing. Any Thrash Metal music collection would only be improved by having
these guys in it. If you are a fan of any or all the above bands mentioned you must have
this in your music collection and on constant rotation! An absolutely amazing Thrash
release! Thrash til Death!