Starring: Steve Guttenberg, James Duval, Peter Story, Elizabeth Nicole, Ellia English & more.

In Los Angeles a serial killer is on the loose and the cops have no clue who it could be. The serial
killer keeps attacking victims in convenient stores. He hits a bunch of these little corner stores where
the victims end up being customers as well as employees from the store. A group of customers and
workers in a different corner store discuss the killings. In their discussion they all tell each other the
different ways they would kill him if they caught him. That same night the group plays their weekly
poker game in the back room of the store. Once the store is all locked up and they start their game
they get back into talking about the killer. Once the game is on for a bit they start noticing and hearing
some strange things. They soon start to realize is that they are locked in the store with the killer.
They all try to find ways to escape and get separated and eventually get killed off one by one. The
killer proceeds to off all of his victims in the same way they describe they would kill him. There were
some really cool death scenes through out the film, with some really dark parts. It was really good for
a low budget Horror film! One of the better newer serial killer films in the past few years!