Starring: Dina Meter, George Newbern, Traci Lords, Dan Deluca, Frank Whaley & more.

A group of friends gather for another friends funeral after he commits suicide. The friends are giving
a surprise group settles in at the mansion and start to relax when a bunch of creepy and spooky
things start happening. at the funeral in the form of a map. The map leads the group to a hidden
mansion in the middle of nowhere. The The keep catching glimpses of a small girl ghost, but never
fully sure of what they saw. Once things get a little darker the group of friends start dying off. Some
of the friends are annoying enough that you can't wait for them to get killed off. The story was a little
weak and poorly executed, the acting was decent and what you'd expect from a low budget Horror
flick. The story was slow and never really holds your interest. I a huge Horror fan so I will give
everything at least one viewing, this was one of those films. Good for one viewing and that's about it.