Starring: Mehcad Brooks, Serinda Swan, Dillon Casey, Lauren Schneider, Sid Haig & more.

I am a big fan of Creature Features and this is definitely one. It isn't the best one ever made, but it also
isn't the worst. The film seemed like it was made from a cookie cutter formula of cliché Horror films.
I felt like the film was supposed to geared towards the PG-13 crowd, but still trying to pull in the
hardcore Horror fans with the violence, nudity and of course the great Sid Haig. A group of friends
head out on a weekend getaway in the woods. Along the way they stop at a roadside shop to pick up
some supplies for the weekend. While in the shop one of the guys sees a posters for a half alligator
half man creature. He asks about the poster and the old guy (Sid Haig) who explains the tale of the
creature, but they blow it off ask folklore. Once they get to the cabin in the woods, the group all go
exploring. These weird things keep happening and they hear weird sounds in the woods. The friends
quickly discover that the creature is real and must no try to survive as they are being hunted down. The
rednecks back at the shop that told them of the tale are all part of the hunt as well. They soon find out
that there is another reason they are being hunted when the surprise twist is revealed at the end. This
was a pretty decent flick, that kept me entertained and watching, even though there was some pretty
bad acting in it. The twist ending, the way the creature looked and the fact that fan favorite Sid Haig
was in it make it well worth watching! Check it out!