TUNNEL 13 FILMS (2014)

Starring: Levi Anderson, Chloe Rosenthall, Kurk Kasparian, Bloody F. Mess & more.

CREEPER is a weird and twisted journey through the mind of three different people in a small
Oregon city. The film follows a strange taxi driver who keeps picking up young drunk women who
stumble out of bars late at night. It also follows a socially awkward office worker who has some
bizarre sexual fantasies with women and a very shocking night life. The third person the film follows
is a young man who wonders the streets and struggles to find food and shelter. The taxi driver picks
up these women and then takes them to a secluded area and proceeds to beat and rape them. The
office worker fantasies about women during the day and at night hangs out at a bar looking for the
drunk staggering women leaving. He has drugged their drinks and offers to take them home. He takes
them to his place and ties them up and then mutilates them. The young man wonders the streets and
seems like he is searching for something, which we will later find out. All three of these characters
and their lives will cross and mix together. In the beginning of the film your not sure why it keeps
flipping back and forth between the three men, but as the story unfolds you get more and more
details as to why. There is a decent twist at the end that some may see coming, but most won't. This
was a decent low budget indie film with some good actors, especially Levi Anderson & Chloe
Rosenthall. The film is not an all out Horror film, but definitely has Horror elements, especially since
everything in this film could happen in real life!!!