Starring: Stephanie Pette, AJ Bowen, Elina Madison, Camille Lacey, Emmet Mcguire & more.

This third installment is done just like the others with five short stories done like comic book
stories. The first story is about "Alice" who is taking over by a remote control. "The Haunted Dog"
sees a nasty doctor get a bit of his own medicine in the end. "Rachel The Call Girl" is about a
vicious killer who meets her match in a vampire john. Two students try to prove to everyone that
there is something more than they can see to "Professor Dayton's Wife". In "The Radio" a security
guard is driven to commit acts of murder. This was an OK addition to this series of films. Most of
the stories were a bit slow & didn't hold my interest, but some were pretty decent. Good for at
least one viewing. It's not the same without Stephen King or George Romero.