Starring: John Calvin, Aimee Brooks, Christian Cousins, Joseph Cousins, Leonardo DiCaprio & more.

The hairy fur balls from outer space are back once again in this third installment movie. This time the
Critters leave the country side and hitch a ride back to the city. They hide out on a camper own by a
family from the city that was out on a camping trip. They are discovered when the campers stop at a
rest stop on their way back to the city. The kids are playing with some of the other kids at the rest
stop when they come across one of the Critters. The family and the Critters eventually make it back to
the apartment complex in the city. It is a pretty run down apartment building so when things start to
get destroyed by the Critters no one seems to notice at first. Soon the Critters are discovered and
everyone starts to run for their lives and does what they can to survive. This movie came out at the end
of the Monster / Creature craze that started in the early 80's. This isn't the best film in the series, but if
you go into it not expecting much than you can enjoy this film. The other funny thing about this film is
that it is Leonardo DiCaprio's first film role!