Starring: Danielle Bisutti, Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, A Martinez, Maitland & more.

CURSE OF CHUCKY takes place after CHILD'S PLAY 3 and is done more in the Horror vein,
like the first film rather than the last two
takes place in a rural home that's kind of dark and creepy with a young girl in a wheelchair, who lives
with her troubled mother. One day she receives a mysterious package. That package contains the
demonic little good guy doll
CHUCKY. Some of Nica's family comes to visit along with her young
niece. Her young niece soon takes to the doll and Chucky reveals himself to her. She just thinks they
are friends and doesn't realize what Chucky is really up to. Nica soon starts to suspect that Chucky
is real and is killing off her family and friends. This film is more of a return to where the franchise
started and really kind of kick starts the franchise again. The film does make some references to the
other films if your paying attention you will see them. The film also gives some more background on
the real life serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The film was less comical and a more serious driving serial
killer film, well as serious as a killer doll film can be. I liked the fact that Brad Dourif's (who does
Chucky's voice) real life daughter Fiona stars in the film. She does an amazing job and I hope we see
her in some more Horror films in the future. This is an absolute must for all fans of the Chucky films.